28' Obstacle Course 

This obstacle course is perfect for younger ages or smaller areas. 

40' Obstacle Course

This obstacle course features 40 feet of obstacles to run and jump through.


Dance Dome 

More than just a jumper, this dome bounce house features a music player and disco type light at the top! 

Inflatable Climbing Wall 

Our inflatable "rock" wall is fun for kids, teens, and adults! Includes harnesses to fit both kids and adults. 

Boxing Ring 

Our inflatable boxing ring includes over-sized gloves and face masks.



Our inflatable joust is a great competition unit to see who can stay on the pillar the longest! 

Velcro Wall 

Try to stick to the wall in a velcro suit.

Dunk Tank 

Make a splash with our dunk tank at your next event! 

Water Dodge Ball 

Opponents stand inside the netting and their opponents stands outside of the unit and aims at the targets to squirt their opponents who in turn dodge the water. 

Race Track 

This inflatable race track includes two push pedal cars for two opponents to race around the track. Can have up to 4 push pedal cars per rental. 

Push Pedal Race Cars 

These cars are powered by pedals for the user to go as fast or as slow as they would like. 

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