Inflatable Slides 

Inflatable Slides are the new hit inflatables to have at your event. These inflatables are suitable for older kids, teenagers, and even adults! We have dry slide rentals, water slide rentals, combo slides, and even inflatable slip n' slides. Go for double the fun with a combo unit and get both a jumper and a slide in one unit! Our 17' Wild Rapids slide rental is perfect for those starting to venture into our tall slides, while our 24ft inflatable slide rental is great for those who have some experience with inflatable slides. 

Looking for something in between? No problem! We have several different inflatable slide rental options and styles between our 17ft and 24ft slides, including those with a landing at the end or a small pool of water. 

Additionally, we fully clean and disinfect our slides before and after each use to ensure customers can enjoy their inflatable slide rentals. All of our inflatable slides follow industry safety standards and use commercial grade heavy duty vinyl that is flame resistant! 

If you have any questions about any of our slide rentals, please call us at 951-823-0208!

Castle Combo 

The perfect unit for those wanting a jumper and a slide. This inflatable features a full size bounce house and slide attached to it. 

Dolphin Combo 

Features both a full size jumper and slide attached. 

School Bus Combo 

A unique inflatable combo unit. Our school bus combo features a large jumping area with added fun inside and a small slide attached. 

Backyard Slip N Slide 

A different type of inflatable slide, this slide features a 36' long inflatable for you to slip and slide across. 

Fire Marble Slip N Slide 

A different type of inflatable slide. Run and jump to slip n slide across this inflatable. 

17' Wild Rapids Slide 

The smallest of our standalone slides, this slide is nothing but small. Standing 17 feet high, this inflatable slide offers a fun time for everyone! 

18' Wild Rapids Slide

A dual lane slide that curves at the bottom with a landing. 

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