Candy Station 

The original candy machine that offers up to 4 slot options for different candies such as Skittles, M&Ms, Reese's Pieces, Runts, Gumballs, and the like. Or enjoy shelled nuts, cereal, or yogurt coated goods.  

Snow Cone Machine - Cart Style or Station Style 

We have two different fun styles for our snow cone machines. Each rental includes 30 servings with up to 2 different flavors. The only thing you need to supply is the ice! Additional servings are available. 

Cotton Candy Machine 

Make pink, blue, or purple cotton candy with our machine! Each rental includes 30 servings with one flavor option! Additional servings are available! 

Popcorn Machine 

Cart Style Popcorn Machine Rental. We supply 30 servings with every rental which includes the popcorn bags, kernels, oil, popcorn butter and salt. Additional servings are available.


Hot Dog Hut Steamer 

Our hot dog hut steamer is perfect for when you need a large amount of hot dogs cooked at once. This machine steams up to 50 hot dogs at one time and even has an area to warm the buns! 

Hot Dog Roller 

Our hot dog roller grills the hot dogs and has 8 rows to fit any where from 16 to 24 hot dogs depending on if using regular or jumbo hot dogs. This method is quicker if you have a smaller quantity to make.

Nacho Cheese Warmer

Our nacho cheese warmer machine helps you provide hot cheese for nachos! This rental machine uses bags of cheese and has the capability to heat up two bags of cheese at one time.

Nacho Chip Warmer 

Our nacho chip warmer machine is the perfect pair for our nacho cheese warmer. This rental machine keeps the chips warm to be used for nachos! 

Margarita Machine 

Our margarita machine features dual hoppers to be able to have two different flavors at one time. We supply up to two different flavors for two batches of each flavor. 

Coffee Urn -

30 cup or 60 cup 

These coffee urns brew the coffee with no coffee filters needed!

Chaffing Dish with Fuel 

8 quart chaffing dish rental includes one set of chaffing fuel

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